A different language is a different vision of life. (Federico Fellini)

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Lesson 28

At school

Pronunciation of sounds /s/ e /z/

A song: In the library
Here you can find the song lyrics

Are you curious about the British Primary school? 
You can find information here

Revise some actions

Lesson 27

Let's play at school

My day at school: watch the video

Can and can't

Can or can't?

You can surely play games!

Let's play!

You can find other typical games here and here

Fun is everywhere!

Lesson 26


Home experiments

Monday, 26 May 2014

Lesson 25

Classroom routines

Revise vocabulary about the classroom

School subjects

Classroom instructions

Polite requests in class (1)

Polite requests in class (2)

Let's go to class

A pdf about classroom language here

Look at the timetable and complete the sentences

Lesson 24

Daily routines

Everyday life
Find the words for each picture:

Daily routines 1
Daily routines 2

When you speak about daily routines you use the perent simple

How often?
Adverbs of frequency

Word search

Lesson 23

Merry Christmas! 
(Christmas and other festivals)

Download a presentation about Halloween from this link

Write a letter to Santa Claus...

...or if you prefer send him an email

Complete the song with the

Lesson 22

What do you do?
Listen to a list of jobs and repeat them


Listen and repeat

Where do they work?

Listening ACTIVITY
(click on the photo below and listen; chose your answer from the pdf)

Speaking about your job